Chi-Kuan, Su – Absolute Winner, Viola

Chi-Kuan, Su – my artistic biography:

Born in Tainan City in 2005, I graduated from Special Education in the musical-gifted program at Da Cheng Junior High School’s Music Department in 2021. I entered the current musical-gifted program at Tainan Girls’ High School through early auditions opened exclusively for a few outstanding students. I am currently studying at Tainan Girls’ High School under Teacher Jie-Yu Lin.
Highlights include achieving 5th place in the National Student Music Competition in 2020 and winning the 1st prize in the Tainan City Student Music Competition in 2023 in the solo viola category.
I also earned the first place in composition for instrumental and vocal pieces in 2018, 2020, and 2022 at the Tainan Student Music Competition. In 2020, I presented my piano composition, “Those, Gone,” and in 2021, adapted the poem “The Light of Lanterns” by Principal Jia-Qiang Luo. The song was commissioned by Mr. Wen-Zheng Jiang, Executive Director of the Tainan Puji Cultural and Historical Research Association and released in 2023.

I participated in the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra International Youth Orchestra Camp in 2020, 2022, and 2023, serving as the principal violist in 2022 and 2023, earning a full scholarship for the 5th Taipei Music Academy and Festival in 2023.

Apart from solo performances, I actively contribute to chamber music and represented the school in the National Student Music Competition String Quartet category for five consecutive years, winning 1st place four times.
I secured the second position in the 2022 Taiwan Viola Competition and won the Concerto Competition at National Tainan Girls’ High School in 2022. I performed a concerto, “M. Bruch: Romance for Viola and Orchestra, Op. 85,” with the school Orchestra in 2023.
My musical journey culminated in a debut solo concert in February 2023, aiming to share the beauty of the viola through clear and engaging communication. Overall, my diverse experiences and passion for music define my journey in the world of sound.

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