Pietro Carlotta – 1st Prize with Special Mention, Oboe

At the age of 9 he began studying music with the clarinet, but having become passionate about the timbre of the oboe he began studying it at the I.S.S.M “V. Bellini” in Caltanissetta, where he is currently attending the third year of the three-year academic course under the guidance of Maestro Angelo Palmeri.
The study is supported by the following type of instrument: Yamaha Custom Duet Yob 831.
He participated with interest and enthusiasm in the masterclasses promoted within the Music Institute with important names on the international oboe scene, such as Jean Louis Capezzalì, Domenico Orlando, Fabien Thouand, Francesco Di Rosa, Ramon Ortega Quero, Paolo Pollastri and Nick Deutsch.
In May 2017 he obtained 1st prize at the “Rahal, Città del Sale e della Musica” Music Competition in Racalmuto, participating in the Soloists – Young Talents category.
As part of the “Samnium” International Competition Città di Benevento, held in April 2019, he ranked third, in the presence of a prestigious commission composed of masters L. Vignali, G. Witt; F. Di Rosa, D. Sarcina and J. L. Capezzalì. In September 2022 he won the International Competition for young oboists “L. Figaroli” (Bergamo – Adrara San Martino) included in the Ferlendis prize, placing itself in first place. In October 2023 he won the “Città di Chieri” International Competition (TO) as second place (first prize not awarded). He participated in two internal competitions for oboe held within the conservatory, placing himself on the podium with a third prize with the brilliant joke “Ricordo di Napoli” by A. Pasculli and with a first prize with Strauss’s Concerto for oboe and orchestra.
Since 2018 he has held the role of 1st oboe in the Massimo Kids Orchestra of the Teatro Massimo Foundation in Palermo. In March 2020 he was admitted to play the same role within the Massimo Youth Orchestra. He was also a participant in numerous orchestral participations around Sicily.

Winning videos: